Aussenkehr Project

The land located along the floodplain of the Orange River has great agricultural potential, and as a result suitable for grape production. This has consequently led to establishment of an extensive table grape producing area, which in turn has resulted in an influx of seasonal and permanent farm workers into the area.The influx of both seasonal and permanent workers has resulted in the establishment of informal settlements directly north of the existing farmlands, along the floodplains of the Orange River. Due to the nature and condition of the informal settlement, the Karas Regional Council (KRC), in conjunction with the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Regional Development and Aussenkehr Cooperative, agreed to the development of a town called Aussenkehr. The KRC accordingly requested NamWater to fast track the provision of the bulk water supply for the town of Aussenkehr. The primary objective of the water supply project is to abstract water from Orange River, treat and transport potable bulk water to the Aussenkehr Town terminal reservoir. The project shall provide potable bulk water to the Aussenkehr Town in sufficient quantities and quality in a cost effective manner.



NamWater contracted Aurecon Namibia to undertake an EIA study and the subsequent compilation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as required by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Department of Environmental Affairs (MET:DEA). The proposed EIA process will investigate and assess all aspects relating to both the social and terrestrial environment as well as the aquatic environment associated with construction and operational activities of a bulk water supply scheme and associated infrastructure. It will also provide an opportunity for I&APs and key stakeholders to raise any issues or concerns that should be considered during the EIA process.


Projects Documents


Executive Summarypdf

Draft EIA Reportpdf
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Non-Technical Summarypdf
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I&AP Response form pdf
Comments and Response Reportpdf

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Photographic plates:project elementpdf

Annexure G-Specialist Studies
Botanical Assessmentpdf
Aquatic Assessmentpdf
Heritage&Archaeological Assessmentpdf

Annexure D-Public participation
Stakeholders/I&AP Databasepdf
Proof of delivery of DSR at Police station&Clinic

Public Meeting Presentations
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CV's of Environmental Assessment Practionerspdf

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Draft Lifecycle Environmental Management Programmepdf

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