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Business Plan

Since its inception, NamWater has not performed well financially due to a number of factors, of which non-payment for water services rendered constituted the biggest portion.

This unhealthy state of affairs prompted the new CEO, Dr Vaino Shivute, appointed in December 2002, to initiate a new business plan in order to improve the financial performances of the company, i.e. by cutting costs, improve efficiency and expand the revenue base of the company.

The Atushe concept was introduced to implement the new Business Plan. The Atushe plan aims at turning around the financial and also the environmental challenges facing the water utility. After conducting environmental, internal and external analyses, the new business plan was launched.

The five-year business plan aims at ensuring that the corporation has the necessary expertise in place and by creating a conducive working environment to carry out the business of providing water to its customers successfully.

So far the exercise has been fruitful with the company well on its way to reach its declared goals of reaching financial excellence, customer service excellence, people and learning excellence and internal business processes excellence.

About Us