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Services of NamWater is decentralised to the five Business Units namely; Business Unit North-West, Business Unit North-East, Business Unit Central, Business Unit Coastal and Business Unit South.

Hydrological Services

The hydrological cycle in Namibia indicates that of the rainfall received, 83% is evaporated, 14% is lost through transpiration, 2% is run off in the rivers and 1% seeps underground; which may later be extracted through boreholes for consumption. Namibia sources of water are: border rivers, dams on ephemeral rivers, ground water, fountains, seawater desalination and recycled water.

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Article 95 (1) of the constitution of the Republic of Namibia makes provision for the “utilisation of living natural resources on a sustainable basis of all Namibians, both present and in future”. Article 100 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia says that land, water and natural resources belong to the state.


Namibia is the driest country south of the Sahara. The country’s annual rainfall figures ranges from 550mm to 600mm in the far North to between 250mm to 300mm in the South. The central part of Namibia, which includes the capital city Windhoek, has the annual rainfall figures of between 450mm to 500mm. The North part of Namibia referred to as Cuvelai extends to the border with Southern Angola and has an annual rainfall of between 250mm to 350mm. The eastern part of the country, which also hosts the Kalahari Desert, receives between 50mm to 250mm of rain. The coastal part of Namibia which is largely a desert stretches from Oranjemund in the South to Kunene in the North-West. It receives less than 50mm of rain.

Who Are We

The Namibia Water Corporation Ltd (NamWater) was officially registered as a company on 9 December 1997. It is a commercial entity supplying water in bulk to industries, municipalities and the Directorate of Rural Water Supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform. The company has a permanent staff compliment of 648 employees (192 females and 456 males).

Area Offices

  • NamWater Okahandja Tel: +264 62 71 6000
  • NamWater Swakopmund Tel: +264 64 71 6200
  • NamWater Oshakati Tel: +264 65 71 4200
  • NamWater Keetmanshoop Tel: +264 63 71 8000
  • NamWater Grootfontein Tel: +264 67 71 4000

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